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Affirming Care Pharmacy is committed to providing specialized healthcare services to stigmatised communities, specializing in HIV prevention and mental healthcare, starting with ADHD. We are committed to improving the healthcare continuum for patients and eliminating stigmas. Managing high-cost medications and navigating complicated treatment programs is not easy, let us help you through your healthcare journey.

We are proud to be partnered with two telemedicine companies, Freddie and Frida.

Canada's #1 LGBTQ+ Online PrEP Clinic

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About Affirming Care Pharmacy


At Affirming Care Pharmacy, we are building industry leading technology to provide better end-to-end healthcare services. We are patient obsessed and continually creating new ways to better serve our patients. 

We get to know our patients personally so we can provide tailored advice and counselling. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, we are with you every step of the way and you can call or email us as much as you need.

Here for all your needs.

Prescription Services

We make medication management easy and do more than just prepare your prescriptions. Receive an individualized patient care experience providing excellent counseling & education services. We call you and stay on top of your regular prescriptions; no more calendar reminders, forgetting to pickup a medication, or missing a dose!

Wherever you live, we’ve got you covered. Our team meticulously prepares and packages your medication and will have your it delivered to your front door by one of our healthcare couriers. We cover all delivery expenses.

Medication Delivery

Specialized Nursing Services

Our nurses are passionate about patient advocacy and provide a safe space to help answer any sexual health questions you may have! We provide STI treatments and education and sexual health harm reduction tactics.

Insurance Support

Having troubles understanding your coverage? We guide our patients through the complicated insurance process with public and private providers. Our experienced pharmacies will help make your medications more affordable wherever possible. We don’t want to let the price tag get in the way of taking the medication you need.

Putting friendly faces to our caring and compassionate service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every prescription we fill is handled by one of our accredited pharmacists

Prescribers? Fax your prescriptions here:

Aly-Khan Mussani

Pharmacy Director

Saloua Abdelhadi

Pharmacy Manager  (Ontario)

Dhruvin Rawal

Pharmacy Manager (Alberta) 

Affirming Care Pharmacy operates locations in Calgary, AB and Mississauga, ON, and serves patients across multiple provinces with free shipping.

Affirming Care Alberta


Serving Alberta and Saskatchewan patients.

Address: 230-510 5th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 3S2, Canada

Alberta College of Pharmacy License Number: #4180

Phone: 403.226.4411

Fax: 855.978.2104


Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm MST

Pharmacists: Dhruvin Rawal (13121), Danial Khan (14403) 

Affirming Care Ontario


Serving Ontario and Quebec patients.

Address: 2624 Dunwin Dr, Unit #2, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 3T5 

Ontario College of Pharmacists Certificate of Accreditation Number: #309132 

Phone: 905.607.6789 

Fax: 905.820.5427


Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST & Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm EST

Pharmacists: Saloua Abdelhadi (618558), Graham Trott (622150), Mohammad Nakhal (629060), Denuja Raventhiran (625309), Prabhjot Kumar (626653)


Serving Alberta & Saskatchewan




Serving Ontario & Quebec


Affirming Care Pharmacy provides both conventional in-person and virtual pharmacy services.

For our partner Freddie and Frida patients its very simple! Once you’ve had your consultation with your healthcare practitioner (and your lab results have been reviewed and cleared (for Freddie patients only)), your prescription will be faxed directly to Affirming Care Pharmacy. After we have processed your prescription, a pharmacy team member will call you to verify your identity, confirm shipping and pick-up details, and connect you to one of our accredited pharmacists for medication counseling. Your prescription will be delivered to your home in discreet and private packaging at no cost to you.

Our team of accredited pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants handle every step of your prescription process.

1. Affirming Care Pharmacy receives your prescription from your healthcare practitioner.

2. A pharmacy team member will call you to verify your identity and confirm shipping and pickup details, and one of our pharmacists will provide medication counseling (at your discretion after the first prescription).

3. Your medication will be dispensed and packaged in discrete & private packaging

4. Affirming Care has set up medication courier services with Canada Post, Purolator, and licensed local healthcare delivery services.

5. A tracking number is issued for each shipment and emailed to you.

6. When you are due for your refill, Affirming Care Pharmacy will reconnect with you!

With your permission, one of our pharmacists will coordinate the transfer of any or all existing prescriptions from your current pharmacy to Affirming Care. Simply call or email us and provide us the name of your current pharmacy and the prescriptions you would like transferred and we will take it from there!

Affirming Care Pharmacy can direct bill all major insurance providers. Our team will also look for payment assistance programs or drug manufacturer subsidy cards wherever available.

No! Affirming Care Pharmacy does not charge you for the shipping of any medications.

Affirming Care Pharmacy offers same day or next business day delivery to your home, office, or any post office. Deliveries within Calgary city limits and the Great Toronto Area will be delivered same day between 4pm and 10pm. For other urban and suburban locations, shipments typically arrive next day but can sometimes take up to 3+ business days depending on weather and seasonality. When filling your prescription, you can ask a member our of pharmacy team for an estimated delivery time. You will receive an email from the courier platform that your order has been sent out for delivery with. The email will include an estimated date and time of arrival of the order.

For new prescriptions, counselling will be provided by our pharmacists. Prescription counselling is available on all prescriptions (new and refill prescriptions and over-the-counter medications) and at any time you have questions. Our licensed pharmacists are also available for private and confidential consultations over the phone. Counselling will also be provided by our pharmacists when, in their professional opinion, feel it is required.

Yes! Our nurses provide STI treatment, education and sexual health harm reduction tactics.

Yes! We are proud to offer an additional level of support to our patients by offering at home STI Swab Testing. This is totally free of charge to our patients. We will send you the required swabs (rectal and throat), lab requisition, and an instruction card with details on how to self collect the samples and where to drop them off. When one of our pharmacy team members calls you to discuss your prescription, please indicate you would like your package to include an at home STI Swab Testing Kit.

We fill and ship most prescriptions. Contact us (call or email) to discuss your prescription and we would be happy to fill and ship it to you if we are able!

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